When's the last time you reviewed your pension?

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Why do I need to review my pension?

Everyone with a pension should take the time to review it regularly - ideally once a year, and any time your personal circumstances change. If you can't answer the following questions then it's time for a review:

  • Do you know how much your pension is worth?
  • Do you know how many pensions you have or where they are?
  • Do you know what type of funds your money is invested in?

Who does your pension work for?

If you do not regularly review your pension you could be exposed to

  • Fees you are not aware of
  • Changes in value
  • Increased risk

Make sure your pension works for you

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Two-thirds of over-45s 'ignoring pensions'


A recent study commissioned by Aviva (link) discovered that 63% of over 45's are ignoring their pensions pots, with 41% spending no time at all reviewing their pensions.

Clive Bolton, Managing Director, Retirement Solutions, Aviva UK Life, said:
“An alarming proportion of the UK’s pensions pots are being left unmonitored, with many simply ignoring their pension statements and hoping for the best. At the heart of this is how involved people are with their pensions – and while they can seem complicated there is lots of online support to help people make sense of their retirement savings.

“At the very least people need to understand what their total savings are across all of their pension pots, so they can plan in an informed way for their retirement.

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